Formed in the main caldera of the “Vulsinio” volcanic complex. Lake Bolsena is the in size in Italy, it hosts two islands: the Bisentina island and the Martana island, residues of volcanic craters, it is the largest lake of volcanic origin in Europe.

In the lake there are many fish and of various species: whitefish, pike, perch, carp, tench and silversides. The boats used for fishing in these parts are very particular and almost unchanged since remote times.
Being very large (114.5 sq km of surface and 43 km of perimeter) the lake bathes eight municipalities (Bolsena, Montefiascone, Marta, Capodimonte, Valentano, Gradoli, Grotte di Castro, San Lorenzo Nuovo) ancient villages each to be visited both from historical-landscape point of view both for the beaches, to enjoy a swim in the lake. Furthermore, numerous trattorias have sprung up on the shores of Lake Bolsena and in the listed villages, often deriving from old fishermen’s huts (these above all on the east side of the lake in the municipality of Gradoli), where you can taste fish dishes, local products. and the wines of the area.
All countries are perfect for a culinary experience. Fish certainly, but also excellent wines (Est! Est! Est! In Montefiascone, Cannaiola in Marta, Aleatico in Gradoli) and oil (in this area of Lazio there are numerous mills and farms that process food products such as potatoes from Grotte di Castro or the lentils of Onano).

Located on the slopes of the Volsini mountains on the north-east side of the lake is the city that gives it its name. Very charming medieval village houses the Romanesque Collegiate Church of Santa Cristina, built in the 11th century on ancient and partly unexplored Christian catacombs and a chapel built in 1693 in memory of the Eucharistic miracle of 1263. The Castle, which can also be seen from afar, is located in the upper part of the town and is the seat of the territorial museum of the lake. The whole historic center is worth a visit as well as the lakefront for a nice walk. Among the events in the town, the infiorata of Corpus Domini and the Feast of Santa Cristina (24 July) are famous.

We are on the south-east side of the lake a few kilometers from Viterbo. Montefiascone is certainly the most suitable town among those on the lake to enjoy the view. Built in the early Middle Ages, it entered the domains of the Church in the eighth century, of which it became an important center. Of Romanesque architecture is the church of S. Flaviano (11th-12th centuries), while the cathedral is Renaissance finished in the 17th century.
Montefiascone is also famous for the production of an important wine, the DOC “Est! East! East!” to which a curious legend is also linked. A festival that takes place in August is also dedicated to this wine, the so-called Wine Fair. This event, very popular in the town, is much more than a simple folk festival dedicated to wine.

This is the southernmost town of the lake, the main port still active today born from an ancient fishing village. A small medieval village with alleys and squares from which the clock tower “emerges”. The country has always been influenced by the dominion of the Church like this whole area of Lazio. Famous for another typical wine of these areas the DOC “Cannaiola”, for the lattarino, a small fish to be eaten mainly fried of which a festival is also held during the month of May and for the feast of Barabbata (also in May, 14) a very suggestive popular festival / parade of ancient origin. Marta is perfect for those who love the beach or a nice walk along the lakeside shaded by imposing plane trees. One of the two islands of the lake is part of the municipality, the Martana island. It is the smaller of the two islands and cannot be visited except with special permits.

Situated on a promontory always on the southern side of the lake, Capodimonte is an interesting tourist village built on a small peninsula. The Rocca Farnese (name that derives from the homonymous family that owned these areas in antiquity) which stands out over the town is its main monument but the whole village is worth a visit. The lakefront is very welcoming with a large beach shaded by plane trees. In addition, the Bisentina island (one of the two islands of Lake Bolsena) is a real gem of this town and can be visited with excursions that depart from the town’s port or by motorboat.