L’Olivastra Seggianese – Seggiano DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Maremma Toscana (Photo by Consorzio Olio di Seggiano)

Maremma is famous for its extra virgin olive oil, the one from Grosseto has the peculiarity of being a little sweeter than those of the Tuscan hinterland. However, they are quality oils with very low acidity rates.

The olive tree, the typical plant of the Maremma hills, was already known and worked by the ancient Etruscans since the 4th century BC, it is one of the flagships of Grosseto agriculture and of the whole Tuscan Maremma. It is certainly one of the most representative gastronomic symbols of the Maremma lands, together with wine. It has a greenishcolor, with an unmistakable fruity smell and taste, full, aromatic and without defects. It has a very low acidity and all the production is classified in quality extra virgin olive oil, enriched with high physical and organoleptic properties that make it one of the most important and highly rated in Italy. The variety of olive tree – cultivar – that most characterizes the Maremma area is that of the Seggianese olive tree, which is located in the Monte Amiata area. The Seggiano olive plant begins to bear fruit only after several years, unlike the common one that wanders on average around five. The precious Seggiano DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from it, elegant, soft and suitable to accompany any type of dish, a true excellence among the olive oil productions in Tuscany. However, there are many Maremma and Tuscan oils known and appreciated all over the world, some can boast numerous awards, including IGP, such as Tuscan IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In Maremma it is easy to find a good extra virgin olive oil, in addition to the shops specializing in typical products, many farmhouses often sell their own oil.

The extra virgin olive oil of the Tuscan Maremma owes its success mainly to the characteristics of the territory where it is grown, but also to the environmental difficulties that make the mechanization of olive harvesting very difficult, thus favoring hand picking. In addition to these aspects, the climatic elements are added, such as frequent winter frosts, which inevitably lead to an almost maniacal (and decidedly expensive) care of theolive grovesby farmers, farms and small farmers. The quality of the Maremma and Tuscan oil is also benefited by the early harvest of the olives and their short storage, in order to speed up the low-temperature processing process. The result is a very high quality extra virgin olive oil, with a pleasant taste and very low acidity levels, ideal to be used raw on food, healthy for the balance of diets (especially Mediterranean) and extremely digestible.

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