Pitigliano – The Great Bonfire of Invernacciu – Torciata di San Giuseppe – Event in Maremma (Photo by Mauro Vincenti)

The Tuscan Maremma shows in its calendar numerous events and manifestations throughout the year: festivals linked to ancient popular peasant traditions, food and wine festivals, historical re-enactments, fairs, exhibitions and markets, film, theater and artistic-cultural festivals.

The Tuscan Maremma has always celebrated traditional rites with particular intensity, where modern religiosity and ancient beliefs of pre-Christian origins are intertwined. The history and peculiarities of the many Maremma villages are reflected in the very numerous events and manifestations that take place in every single country of this sweet land, from those of character food and wine, such as the very famous ones Maremma festivals or wine and cellar festivals, to those of character artistic and cultural, without neglecting the famous ones traditional historical reenactments, such as the Balestro del Girifalco di Massa Marittima, one of the most important medieval historical reenactments in Tuscany and most likely in Italy. Maremma is therefore a territory rich in festivals linked to ancient popular peasant traditions, so much so that the calendar of events shows appointments throughout the year.

In the summer the Tuscan Maremma knows how to offer its best with a series of memorable events (festivals in the head) for lovers of good food and folklore.

Superstition, history and religiosity: in the Maremma folklore these three elements have coexisted in harmony for thousands of years and the numerous folkloristic manifestations are varied and diversified, as is the territory of the Maremma, which extends from the sea to the mountains. The races and the poles, each with peculiarities that refer to a ancient past, transported to the present, are in fact disputed on the surface of the water as in the case of Palio Marinaro dell’Argentario of Porto Santo Stefano and of Palio Marinaro dell’Assunta in Castiglione della Pescaia, on horseback, as Tournament of the Rose of Alberese, an exciting equestrian skill competition with the exhibition of Butteri Maremmani, and numerous other events that take place in the squares of the medieval historic centers of the Maremma Grossetana and Livornese.