Spa and Wellness

Not known since the most remote times, the Maremma (like many other areas of the Tuscany region) has an ancient tradition regarding the enhancement of thermal waters. Throughout the Maremma there are territories and places to visit for those who love health, all set within the framework of a natural landscape of great charm and accommodation facilities that make hospitality an optimal complement to well-being and various treatments. Fumaroles, lagoons, geysers, jets of steam, hot water springs with gas and vapor exhalations were already known to the Etruscans, and later to the Romans. The Etruscans were the first true masters and founding fathers of the ancient Maremma thermal baths, while the Romans were able to make the most of the healing properties of the sulphurous waters, as evidenced by the ancient Terme di Roselle, Terme del Bagnolo, Terme dell’Osa, Terme di Saturnia, Baths of Bagnore and Baths of Petriolo. The whole Maremma Territory is renowned for its numerous thermal areas, the flagship of a region known throughout Italy and beyond, for being rich in healing springs, to the point of being considered a real underground pharmacy since ancient times. . The spearhead in Maremma is certainly represented by the famous Terme di Saturnia, with its sulphurous waters that flow at a temperature of 37 ° C all year round. Saturnia is today one of the most successful Italian beauty farms, also being able to enjoy an enviable position that places it a short distance from centers rich in history such as Mancianoand Pitigliano, in the fascinating and mysterious Tufo area.

The offer of thermal waters in the Tuscan Maremma is now able to satisfy the great demand, thanks to the numerous spas and wellness centers that offer high quality services.

In addition to the Terme di Saturnia, even in lesser-known centers of the Maremma it is possible to find an excellent spa offer, such as alle Terme del Sole di Venturina (LI), not far from the promontory of Piombino in the Maremma Livornese, whose establishment was built around a crater, or the Terme di Rosellethe oldest thermal baths in the entire Tuscan Maremma – already known in Roman times as evidenced by the finds found on the spot, or to the more modern ones Terme di Sorano. Obviously, without forgetting the many smaller centers, such as Monterotondo Marittimo (GR), whose spas, among the boraciferous fumaroles of the Maremma Grossetana, are fed by the Bagnolo waters that come out at 43 ° C, or the Terme del Petriolo, on the border with the province of Siena.