Perched on a cliff from which the Fiora river rises on the southern slope of Monte Amiata (we are always in the province of Grosseto) Santa Fiora is a medieval village of rare beauty.

It has grown a lot in recent years in terms of tourism (it has become part of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy association and of the Orange Flags of the TCI) in this country architecture and nature go hand in hand showing those who visit it an enchanting village and a landscape breathtaking. In addition, the town as well as the whole territory offers a broad overview of Amiata cuisine, enhancing some typical products such as mushrooms and chestnuts.
On a historical level, Santa Fiora saw the light thanks to the Aldobrandeschi, then passed under the dominion of the Sforza and it is here that the village experienced its heyday with traces still visible in the enchanting historic center.

The oldest part is the Castello district, the view from Piazza Garibaldi alone deserves a trip to the town, here there is also the Clock Tower (17th century) and Palazzo Sforza Cesarini (also home to the municipality) with the museum of the mercury mines of Monte Amiata. The most important church is the parish church of Sante Flora and Lucilla with inside the Della Robbia, terracotta works of art created by Andrea della Robbia. Another church worth noting is that of the Madonna delle Nevi which rises above the source of the Fiora river.

The dominant feature of Santa Fiora is the greenery and the relationship with nature, the leitmotif of many towns in the Amiata area. Being also rich in water, the town has been able to maintain a high botanical and floral presence over time, an example of this combination is La Peschiera, once a place used for the breeding of trout (it was built by the Sforza family) and today a park / garden to admire.

Another place to visit is the “Bosco della SS Trinità” nature reserve which rises at the foot of Monte Calvo. Between fir and chestnut trees is the Convent of the Holy Trinity built by Guido Sforza who, according to legend, erected it after killing a dangerous dragon.
Santa Fiora is also perfect for trekking lovers, as there are numerous routes available throughout the Amiata area for those who love nature and tranquility.

The events of Santa Fiora

Santa Fiora in Musica International Festival (July-August). Summer music festival with numerous classical music concerts and more

Sagra della Marrone santafiorese (October). One of the typical products of this area, the Amiata chestnut, is honored through a food and wine festival

Amiatino Mushroom Festival (October). In the hamlet of Bagnolo, a few kilometers from Santa Fiora, an unmissable event for all mushroom lovers. In addition to tasting this product, there are exhibitions, guided tours, seminars and much more.

Feast of San Nicola, Torchlight procession of Santa Fiora (December 30). A fire ritual common to many countries. As the sun goes down every December 30, the famous wood piles placed in various points of the three districts of the village (Castello, Borgo and Montecatino) light up and the village is flooded with a unique light.