Located on a small promontory on the Gulf of Argentario, Talamone is a small fishing village that is very important both from a tourist point of view and for its history, it is a fraction of the Municipality of Orbetello.

The village is of Etruscan origin and was the scene of the battle between Romans and Gauls. In the Middle Ages it was an Aldobrandesco fief as evidenced by the Rocca which still dominates the town today. The most significant historical event certainly remains that of 1860 when Garibaldi with his thousand made a stop there to stock up on food and weapons before continuing on to Sicily.

Talamone in addition to being a popular seaside resort is also famous for those who love to practice some sailing sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing, given its exposure to the sea and the constant presence of winds. Another characteristic feature of this village is its panorama. From the Rocca it is possible to admire part of the Tuscan archipelago, the Argentario and on clear days also Elba and Corsica.

Also in Talamone there is one of the entrances to theMaremma Natural Park, an obligatory stop for all lovers of nature and Maremma fauna.

In the territory of Talamone there are several coves and numerous very characteristic beaches. Of note under the Rocca, a very particular beach that can be reached on foot via a path and a staircase, it is the “Bagno delle Donne”.
Before entering the town, there is another beach which, as mentioned, is a destination for lovers of sailing and windsurfing (Bay of Talamone).