A promontory overlooking the Maremma overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and connected to the mainland by three strips of land on the Orbetello Lagoon, Monte Argentario represents an important tourist destination for Tuscany and for all of Italy.

At the foot of this promontory we find two villages (which fall under the single municipality of Monte Argentario) Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole. Of different sizes, they are both ancient fishing villages and today important tourist centers. The strong point of this area is certainly its landscape.
On Monte Argentario (635 meters high), in the internal part of the promontory, there are numerous paths for lovers of trekking and mountain biking that go up from the sea through the Mediterranean scrub.
The beaches are very varied, there are numerous coves to be discovered around the perimeter of the mountain with rocky bottoms and caves, perfect for those who love diving. There are many isolated and wild cliffs that descend towards the sea, some to be reached by footpaths or by boat by boat. In addition, the two sandy beaches of Orbetello are nearby, or the two strips of land that connect the Argentario to the mainland: Feniglia and Giannella.
This area was already frequented in antiquity and has retained some important elements such as the Spanish forts and watchtowers (Stato dei Presidi). Another important element of this area is the food and wine. Many seafood products with typical fish dishes such as soup but also excellent wines and oils for a cuisine that also includes game from the innermost areas.

Porto Santo Stefano

It is the largest of the villages on Monte Argentario, home to the port from which you can reach the island of Giglio. An important tourist center in the whole area, it is dominated from above by the 17th-century Spanish fortress. The historic center is made up of a series of very particular alleys and stairways that descend towards the sea and the port. The promenade and Piazza dei Rioni are definitely worth a walk, here there are numerous places where you can taste the typical dishes of the local seafaring tradition and much more.

Porto Ercole

Porto Ercole was an ancient fishing village and today a famous tourist resort. The oldest inhabited center is enclosed within the walls, dominated by the Spanish Fortress. Since the port area is all pedestrianized, it can be visited with a pleasant walk. Very impressive are the Spanish fortresses built during the State of the Presidi that overlook the country from above and from which you can enjoy beautiful views. Today beautiful yachts moored in the small port as it is a very popular area for VIPs, but you can also see fishermen grappling with the catch of the day on their pretty boats.

The main beaches

The Baths of Domitian
Small free and sandy beach located just before Porto Santo Stefano in the area where once there was the villa of the Domizi Enobabrbi. Even today, during low tide, the ancient tanks used for fish farming can be seen resurfacing.

Soda and Pozzarello
They are located after the Baths of Domitian, always in the direction of PSS. La Soda is a free pebble beach both free and with establishment. Pozzarello, which is located immediately after, is a wider and more sandy bay that is easily reachable from the main road

The Moletto
Small sandy beach located in the town of Porto Santo Stefano for this very comfortable. Also within the town there is also the beach of Calettaand that of the Cantoniera

Cala Grande
It is located on the panoramic road and is the cove most frequented by boats. Here there are three pebbly beaches and they can be reached via a path of about 500 meters.

Cala del Gesso
Probably the most beautiful beach in the Argentario. It can be reached by following the scenic route from Porto Santo Stefano for about 6 kilometers and then continuing along a pedestrian path. This is also a pebble beach located in this beautiful cove. On the right side you can see the remains of a Spanish watchtower. A little further is found Cala del Bove.

Mar Morto
It can be reached via a path and is a cove surrounded by a rocky barrier that prevents the direct arrival of the waves, forming natural pools. The seabed of this cove is very particular, among the best in the Argentario.

Spiaggia Lunga
It is located in Porto Ercole along the panoramic and then continuing through a pedestrian path. Once you arrive, you will find both the free beach and the establishment with umbrella rental.

Cala Galera
It is located just before Porto Ercole and is very easy to reach by car. It is a fairly wide sandy beach with shallow water