Scansano is an ancient village nestled on the Maremma hills. Of medieval origin, it is famous all over the world for its wine: Morellino di Scansano.

Of medieval origin, it is famous all over the world for its wine: Morellino di Scansano.
The historic center of the town is very characteristic, it lights up starting from Piazza Garibaldi and crossing a large gate of sixteenth-century origin, among the streets you can appreciate numerous buildings of medieval origin, among the most important Palazzo Vaccarecci, the church of San Giovanni Battista , the Palazzo Pretorio, the ancient pilgrims’ hospital, the Castagnoli theater (recently renovated). The ancient city walls are still recognizable on the buildings of the historic center and in some sections can be covered on foot, from here it is possible to admire the panorama of the surrounding hills.
One of the main attractions of the village of Scansano is the Archaeological and Vine and Wine Museum which is located inside the Palazzo Pretorio in the square of the same name. The museum was inaugurated in 2011 and offers an overview of the history of human presence in ancient times in the Albegna valley, also collecting the finds from the Etruscan town of Ghiaccio Forte. This settlement is located about 12 km from Scansano, founded in the 4th century BC. it was destroyed by the Romans in 280 BC. when they conquered the city of Vulci. The ancient city developed on two hills, one hill housed the worship area, the other an area used as a metallurgical area, and in the central part was the town surrounded by walls. This archeology area is freely accessible.
The Museum of the Vine and Wine is addressed not only to information on the wines produced in the area but also to the enhancement of the culture and traditions of the territory, having this product as a leitmotif. The museum itinerary is divided into different areas: history, production, the “cycle of the vine and wine”, traditions, information.
Other places of interest to visit in and around Scansano are the village of Pereta, the Castle of Montorgiali, the villa of Montepò.

The events of Scansano

Morellino Classical Festival. An international festival of classical music in Scansano that takes place from April to October with many appointments including itineraries throughout the local and national territory

Tortello Festival. Second Sunday of May in Poggioferro

Dawn at Ghiaccio Forte. Usually on the first Sunday of July in the archaeological site of Ghiaccio Forte a classical music concert at the first light of dawn with breakfast based on local products

Festa dell’Uva. In September, the traditional Feast of the cellars of Scansano