Saturnia is one of the most interesting villages in the Maremma. It is one of the oldest villages in Italy and is famous all over the world for its spas and for the properties of its sulphurous waters already known in ancient times.

The village of Saturnia is definitely worth a visit. Small but elegant, it consists of a main square (Piazza Vittorio Veneto) characterized by a large garden with fountains and surrounded by numerous bars, perfect for discovering local food and wine. The Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, the 12th century Aldobrandesque fortress located south of the village, the ancient Via Clodia (on which the grooves created by the passage of ancient chariots are still visible) leading to the Porta Romana (built by the Romans in the 2nd century BC, the only one of the four doors still standing) are just some of the places of interest that make up the village.

In the center of the town there is the Archaeological Museum of Saturnia. Here there are finds from Saturnia (Necropoli del Puntone), Pitigliano, Sovana and the Albegna valley, many of which belonged to the private collection of the Ciacci family, one of the most important and wealthy in these areas. Also in the heart of the inhabited center we find the Pietro Aldi Cultural Center which, in addition to being a multifunctional meeting place with a library for children, preserves and exhibits the largest collection of this Manchian painter from the second half of the nineteenth century.

Leaving the village not far from the inhabited center, there is the Necropolis of Puntone, a place that rises within an oak forest with about twenty burials surrounded by nature.

In the locality of Poggio Murella, another fraction of the municipality of Manciano five kilometers from Saturnia, a place that deserves a visit is the Castellum Aquarum, a Roman cistern with arches and vaults eight meters high, thirty-six long, sixteen wide. This work was built in the Romanesque period during the first century BC. and was part of a larger structure with other cisterns and various buildings. It had the function of collecting the spring waters. This is the place of the legend of Bella Antiglia, an Etruscan queen who is said to have been buried here with her golden carriage.

The Terme di Saturnia
This structure deserves particular mention, the flagship of Saturnia and of the whole territory. The Hotel Terme di Saturnia wellness center Spa & Golf Resort is a top-level thermal park located at the foot of the medieval village (about one kilometer outside the town). Four outdoor thermal pools (including a natural thermal spring with water that flows continuously from the heart of the earth) immersed in the Maremma nature, sulphurous water at 37.5 ° C (perfect for all seasons) with recognized healing properties, 3000 years old of history (the Romans already loved to immerse themselves in these waters). These characteristics make this place an obligatory stop for those who go to this part of the Tuscan Maremma. To complete the structure a luxury resort with rooms and suites, restaurants, bars and shopping area, a “SPA and Beauty” area for thermal wellness with treatments and aesthetic medicine and the “Terme di Saturnia Golf Club”, a large golf course 18 hole golf course. 6316 meters and 70 hectares, also a stage of the national circuit of the Italian Golf Federation.
Admission to the spa complex (excluding the hotel pool / spring which is reserved for its guests) is 24 or 28 euros per day depending on weekdays or holidays.

Le Cascate del Mulino
Another way to experience the spa experience of this area of Tuscany are the Cascate del Mulino, free and free, open 24 hours a day. The waterfalls are located about three kilometers from the town of Saturnia, practically adjacent to the Hotel delle Terme. From the source (the hotel’s natural swimming pool), the thermal waters continue outside the structure in a small natural canal about 500 meters long called the “Gorello” (even in this “river” you can swim freely). At one point the river meets a difference in height and creates a waterfall, next to it there is an ancient mill (hence the name of the falls). Over time, the sulphurous water has formed natural pools on several levels, making this place unique in the world of its kind. Even if immersed in the green countryside, the waterfalls are easily accessible and equipped with ample parking, identifiable from above (this already deserves a stop and a photo) when you arrive in Saturnia from Manciano / Grosseto. As mentioned, “Le Cascatelle” are always open and accessible even at night and this is perhaps the most special time for a swim in the open area. The Cascate del Mulino represent a uniqueness, an obligatory stop for those who love thermal waters and natural spas.